Sunday, 27 January 2008

January paintings

Here are some paintings I did earlier this month.

The 'Oranges' are my first try on Arches paper (300lb, CP) and my first post on the WC forum. :) I like the oranges, but I think I've overworked the leaves.

'Coffee time' was painted from a reference photo of the cup and I added the rest myself. Never tried to paint from a changed reference before. As some valuable critiques on the WC forum let me knew, perspective and values are not ok. One of my goals this year is to study perspective, which is still Greek to me. And I'd like to re-do this one later on.

Painting a snow scene was a WC January painting challenge and this is my try.

C&C very welcome.

1 comment:

Jael Bendt said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous love scene! you captured the white innocence that snow scenes usually give, and that tree trunk is lovely rendered. Keep it up!