Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tagged by Teri

Just experienced how easy it is to break New Year's resolutions ;):(
...I'm back after a while...:)

Some time ago Teri tagged me to write five things about myself... Thank you, Teri. :)

1. More than a decade ago I grabbed my primary school paints...had no brush at hand...so I just dipped a finger into the paint and made this 1st painting.

2. My other passion are flowers. I love gardening...trying to make an English countryside garden border (succeeding more or less ;)) ... Since I was ten I'm growing indoor plants (Saintpaulias and Orchids being my fave)

3. Every weekend I try to make a long walk in the nature. Today's painting is a memory from a beautiful family trip to one of our most famous lakes - the lake of Bohinj... untouched beauty!! (not to confuse with my painting ;)...by the way, I'm wondering why am I not able to make my Cotmans glow on 300 lb paper?? :( )

4. I LOOOVE the sea. I live the sea. I even dream the sea.

5. I'm daydreaming I'll be able to make a two-month holidays in Scotland one day. :)

Well, it's my turn to tag 5 other people... bit of a problem as I don't know as many bloggers ;).
I'm tagging Jael Bendt of A Thousand Sketches. She's always a great help when it comes to solving my painting troubles and she is doing just fantastic in her art studies.
I'm also tagging Lin Frye of View From the Oak. A very nice and consequent lady with a fabulous blog. It's always an immense pleasure to visit her new posts.
Last, but not least, I'm tagging Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfasts. I'm a regular visitor of her blog and I'm in love with her delicate watercolors.