Monday, 26 April 2010

Across the country

On your route on the mountains or at the beginning of little villages in my country one can often see a »Znamenje«, a memorial mark, dedicated to Saints. They used to be set up from late middle age till first half of last century, first by aristocrats and ecclesiasts, later on by local communities and farmers. Mostly they were a vow for salvation from disasters or a reminiscence of them. Symbolically with it the place is consignated in God's hands.

The photo reference was provided by Matej for our monthly painting challenge.

The Virtual Paintout

Yesterday I came across this very interesting blog, based on a marvellous idea to paint the Globe from photo references provided by Google Street View. The blog is called The Virtual Paintout, hosted by artist Bill Guffey. This month's project is to paint any view from the Canary Islands. The rules to participate are simple and well explained.
Although virtually, I really enjoyed »walking« the roads of the Canary Islands and discover places I've never been to. What most impressed me, were huge fields of wild flowers in every corner of the islands. Beautiful. If you love traveling, check out this blog. It's real fun.

In the second painting I tried to paint a scene from a past holiday. Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon. To contrast with Venice and it's natural pastel and earthy facades, houses in Burano are very colorful and brightly-painted. It looks like there is a general rule that not one house should be of similar color as the next one. Surprisingly, for so much color, the atmosphere of this little place is still very tasteful.
Because of my fear of color and strong tones the facades on this painting had faded out, but the memory of a beautiful day spent there is still very vivid.

After someone's request I've added a Translator to the page. Thank you very much for your interest.

Have a sunny week everybody.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Happy holidays

Hello, everyone!
It was a busy time lately, without painting and blogging.
What a mistake it is not to paint for such a long time. Today I felt like I forgot everything about watercolor. I missed my relaxing time behind the painting desk and I missed you all, guys. Can't wait to see all your new work since my last visit on your blogs. In the mean time