Sunday, 27 December 2009


At the time of the Roman empire there was the main road leading through this little village. Because of a great view at the surroundings a defence point was build here in Roman times.
Last century archeologists found the rests of a huge Roman military settlement here. A 80 kg heavy treasure of 12.000 Roman coins was also found in Čentur. These were made at the time of the self proclaimed Roman emperor Augustus Maxentius (306 – 312 AD).

After a glimpse on the history of the region where I live, I wish for the future to all of you



Teri C said...

That is very interesting and what a wonderful painting!

Ines said...

Lep akvarel :-) in zanimiva zgodovina!
lp, Ines

javi said...

this painting is clean and beautifull, i like It. Javi

J.S. said...

Your paintings have a nice soft and clean character. Enjoyed them very much!