Saturday, 12 December 2009

Čentur village

Čentur is a settlement with just 108 inhabitants on a little hill in the municipality of Koper. There are some abandoned old stone houses and some new ones as well. I had a walk in this lovely place one morning and the village seemed deserted as everybody was gathering olives. The little road was shining in beautiful autumn colors. I hope I'll be able to capture the atmosphere a bit in the painting.

Happy weekend.

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Teri C said...

Thanks for your comment Jona.

Just grab your sketchbook and go to a coffee shop and sketch someone.

I know the first time I did it in a restaurant, I was convinced the 'art police' were going to come and arrest me. And you know all the time I have been doing this kind of sketching only 3 people have asked to see what I was doing. Two of them loved it and one lady was kind of rude, but so what I'll never see her again.

The first time is the hardest and now I don't even notice it or care if anyone sees me.

Just do it and break the ice. The small Moleskine is perfect, you can even hold it in your lap.

I want to see a sketch sometime this week. And that is your challenge!! :)