Friday, 25 September 2009

Kočevje - Slovenia

A week ago I spent a few wonderful days in Croatia and the road to there leaded me through our region Dolenjska (Lower Carniola). What a marvellous countryside!

One of it's towns is Kočevje, which as a coincidence my painting mate Matej has chosen for our latest painting challenge. The municipality of Kočevje is well known for it's primeval forest and it's brown bear.

On the painting there is the Parish Church of St. Bartholome (Cerkev Sv. Jerneja).
I'm happy with some »newly discovered« brush strokes for trees, but the color palette didn't turn out quite like I'd wished.

Enjoy the wonderful colors of the Fall!

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Lin said...

HI JONA!!! SO glad you were able to get a few days rest -- and what a beautiful painting to honor it!!! I MISS yOU and hope we can get together next summer!! KEEEP PAINTING!!! I miss your beautiful works! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!11