Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Back to the drawing board

What a long time since my last post ... How are you doing everybody?
Time passes by so quickly and spring jumped over this blog.

I just returned from my week holidays in Venice, where I joined a group of artists from the USA leaded by the artists Karlyn Holman and Douglass Thomas. Spending some days in this splendid scenery, surrounded with very pleasant people and learning new stuff about painting was pure joy.
But what made this holiday so very precious was the possibility to meet in real life my wonderful friend Lin from North Carolina whom I met about a year ago on the Net. We've been in touch since then and it was an immense pleasure having the opportunity to meet her. I spent some marvellous days with her, having lots of fun wandering together around the beautiful town of Venice. GRAZIE DI TUTTO MIA CARA LIN!! You are simply a fabulous person!! Big big hugs to you. Missing you already!!

Today's sketch has little to do with Venetian canals, it's just a start to wet the brushes again … some memories from my recent trip will follow…
A delightful evening everybody.


Lin said...

Blessings to you my dear sweet heart!! ANd GRAZIE MILLE to you!!!!! I LOVE this piece, Jona -- your skill with sketching and painting is so very evident! Please keep those paints wet and the brush moving -- I have soooooo missed your beautiful work! And I so loved spending time with you Jona!!!! Come on over to North Carolina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teri C said...

Oh wow, what fun to meet and spend time with Lin. You have to be so inspired after spending all those days with other artists in such a beautiful area! When will we get to see some paintings?