Saturday, 22 November 2008

Yorkshire Cottage

It's time for this month's WetCanvas challenge. Photo by Yorky.
Same old story - I'm making new houses out of old ones,... But I promise one day I'll be able to surprise myself and paint a proper cottage!

Have a lovely Sunday.


Teri C said...

It's lovely Jona. It's the practice of doing that makes us better and you have already come a long way.

The blue I used for my Hawaiian ocean was prussian blue. I love that shade and use it a lot. Thanks for your visit.

Lin said...

It's perfectly lovely as it is Jona! I love the soft blue here -- a bit romantic and very inviting! Super job!

matej712 said...

Very nice painting Jona! I like the white space you left unpainted.

yoon see said...

You are so good at watercolor.
When do you start learning to master this great medium?
Romantic yet peceful.
Suitable for a romantic retreat!

yoon see said...

An early merry christmas greeting to you & your family!