Friday, 3 October 2008

Vegetables on the plate

Have you watched Jon Avnet's Fried green tomatoes? It remains one of my all time favorite movies... Well, a few tomatoes on my painting menu today... Tried I new approach - a bit of wet on wet.
I had absolutely no idea what I was doing with the shadows. Can somebody help or correct?
C&C more than welcome.

Photo reference from WetCanvas! reference image library by WC! member BettyBoop22.

Happy weekend!


Teri C said...

From where I am sitting Jona, the shadows look fine and in the right place. Nice colors on these veggies.

And thanks for the nice long blog visit. Always so good to see you.

Lin said...

Jona, Jona Jona! The painterly look of these tomatoes, the highlights, colors, SHADOWS, are awesome! That glow of light, yellow, wet in wet look -- hon, I think this is one of your best!! I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT! And the beans -- so inviting .. really really really, Jona -- this is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you too for your generous suggestions for the exhibit!!!

(one thing I might add -- I believe the darkest part of the shadow is closest to the object .. lightening outward as it moves away from the object) -- you may want to check this -- but I think this may be what you're wondering about for the shadows. But hon, those veggies are awesome!!!)