Saturday, 13 September 2008

Missed the brushes

Hello to you all :)
A long time since my last painting...
I'm back from holidays in oh so loved Italy. Spent a week in Emilia Romagna and it was a real pleasure to visit such marvellous places as Italy has to offer. Concluded the holidays with a few days stay in my dear Venice, which I enjoyed as always.

Finally bought a completely new palette of W&N Artists', so my Cotmans go in retirement. Yeees! :)
Kinda strange working with the new Winsors, they behave differently...
Not really content with today's painting, but I have to begin somewhere ;)
Critiques like always very welcome.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Teri C said...

This is really pretty! Nice work on the new watercolors.

Teri C said...

And, it is good to see you painting again!

Lin said...

WELCOME WELCOME HOME!!! I'VE MISSED YOU!!! SUPER JOB, JONA! Soft and gentle -- terrific water and foliage -- CONGRATS on the W&N ... they are different to get used too -- but this is a FABULOUS start!! KEEP EM COMIN"!!!!