Monday, 4 February 2008

Sketch book

Someone recently taught me not to use paper with lines for my sketches, today I learned that the sketch book is good for pencil work and I need watercolor paper for water-colors. Facing similar troubles painting with watercolors on a 80lb sketch book that on smooth watercolor paper. Another thing I realised is that my camera is constantly "eating" the yellow color on my paintings.

I recently created this blog as a self-encouraging way to paint. But what a difference it makes when I see a comment on my post. :))) Lin, Teri and Jay, I'm grateful for every single thought of yours that you put on my blog. THANK YOU!!


Teri C said...

All things you learn about paper, sketchbooks, paints, pencils, all help to make you a better artist. A year from now you will wonder what the problem was. We all go through this learning curve. So if our comments help you, that's one more step you've taken. Never be afarid to try things and show us your work. I found out that the art police are only a figment of my imagination. They also don't come when I sketch in public :)

I like a watercolor Moleskine because you can sketch in it and then paint with watercolor and the pages don't wrinkle.

If you are doing a serious painting then use a watercolor block (140#).

I am seldom serious as I just sketch my way through life enjoying the little sketches I do. I don't sell my art but I absolutely love doing it. You sound like you do too.

I also have to take a digital photo as my scanner does not work with the Vista program. The trick to not losing color is to take the photo in bright sunlight. If you have a photo program, use that to edit it. I use Picasa, a free internet photo program.

I am a little gabby today but hope some of it helps.

I enjoy coming here and seeing your progress. Thanks for noticing.

Lin said...

Hi Jona!! Thank YOU for your kind words! I so agree with Teri -- and how much we all learn from one another ....

I have a spiral sketchbook that I've grown used to (or most days anyway) -- that has 100# paper -- it takes a fair amount of water, pencil, ink and a good deal of my 'corrections' ... it's Raffine All Media that I get at ... I use this as a journal, sketch practice and since it's not nearly as expensive as wc paper .. I feel a bit freer to try something. All that said, it is NOT watercolor paper and behaves so differently ... so I have to adjust my paints, amount of water, etc. Still, as someone who loves journaling and to keep journals, I find this to be wonderful.

But to learn to wc, I have to say that I go thru a ton of professional grade paints and paper -- since that is the only way (i think) to learn how the medium works and how to work with its special characteristics. All that said - I like your cherries -- they have a cheerfulness and a playfulness that is really delightful! Keep it up!!!!