Friday, 15 February 2008

Scent of my garden

How relaxing it is to hold a brush after some days off.

Violets invaded my garden. There is a violets carpet along the corridor of roses. Beautiful!

Happy weekend.


Teri C said...

Really pretty! So loose and so natural. I really like it.

Lin said...

WELCOME BACK!!! And your flowers are so tender and beautiful!! I LOVE LOVE the color ...!!! What a great job!!! Keep that brush going!

Jael Bendt said...

These are so pretty!!!!
And nicest greetings to you as well!!!

I do love my college experience, especially in the art department! I've come to live, breathe, and sleep art in the past 1/3rd of the semester, haha. It is a LOT of work, though. gee.

lovely seeing you working again!