Thursday, 31 January 2008

Sketching pencil

Followed your tip Lin and went shopping... bought some Fabriano Artistico CP 140# and 300# :).
Also spent some money on sketching pencils and a flat brush for washes.:)
How frustrating not being able to find any W&N Artists watercolors in my country nor in the nearest Italian city... Well, lots of material where to practice on is waiting on the desk anyway.


Lin said...

Hi Jona! I went art shopping too -- but only for replacement paints. How frustrating not to find what you want!!! Can you order on line?

But oh, hon -- that wee slipper is just AWESOME!!! you did an outstanding job on it -- perspective, depth ... gorgeous!!! Be proud -- it's awesome!

Teri C said...

Oh isn't it fun to shop for new art supplies! I always say that the 'art supply fairy' flew over my house again.

It's just fun trying out new things. What a wonderful job on the little shoe!